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Pressed Juice Daily: Denver’s Juice Source


Colorful bottles of delicious juices.
Colorful bottles of delicious juices.

Remember that post I wrote about my 3-day cleanse? That only happened several weeks ago; anyway, yes, I got all my juices, chlorophyll water, aloe water, and DELICIOUS raw almond milk from Pressed Juice Daily.

Pressed Juice Daily opened its doors in Denver on September 20th; the kiosk/store is located on the 16th Street Mall at Court (near the World Trade Center). I had only heard of PJD from their following me on Twitter; I was intrigued by the name and the concept. So I began following their Twitter account and pounced on the chance to check PJD out on opening day.

I was promised that I could sign a $1 bill for being the first to arrive; alas, I was second to arrive, but that was okay. The owners, Adam Cianciola and Christian Davis, are both so kind and accommodating. They make the juices daily (heck, apparently they did not get much sleep the hours before their grand opening; they were bottling and pressing their juices for the big day!) They let passersby sample some juice before they buy; kids and adults love the various kinds of juice. Sure, a bottle averages about $8 each, but I can imagine pressing so many juices daily takes a lot of time, energy, and money (especially for organic, natural fruits and vegetables).

Raw Almond Milk & Clarity 2
Raw Almond Milk & Clarity 2

Now, with the 3-day cleanse, I got 27 bottles of all the different juices (you can see what the cleanse includes on their page). At first I didn’t believe I could be successful with the cleanse (ah, my darn mind & its limitations). But throughout the first day, I found that I was not missing solid food. It helped that I was keeping track of my hours to space out the juices evenly throughout the day.

My favorites out of all the juices? Energy 2, Detox 1-2, and Clarity 2. One of the juices I had during the cleanse was seasonal: it had watermelon in it as well (I think that was in one of the Clarity bottles). Of course, I cannot stop raving about their raw almond milk; SO creamy and delicious. I could hardly believe that the milk was not sweetened with sugar, but with nature’s goodness. At the end of each day of my cleanse, I savored the raw almond milk, sipping slowly and mumbling “Mmmm” each time. Yes, it’s THAT good.

I succeeded in completing my cleanse by the end of that weekend; so thankful that I had PJD to guide me along with what to drink and when. Definitely felt cleaned out and ready to reset my diet.

While I know I can easily buy juices from national brands at Whole Foods, or hit up a well-established juice bar in town, I prefer the trip downtown to get cold pressed juice from PJD. I am all about supporting local, and I can see that the owners and their staff work hard to get the products out daily!

Check Pressed Juice Daily out when you’re wandering around on 16th Street Mall!

(Oh, and by the way, they do deliveries!)

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Frozen Yogurt Guest Blogging (Fro-Yo Girl!)

In the past few months since being back on the East Coast, I have had the chance to help out my friend, Lolia S. aka Fro-Yo Girl with guest blogging from across the country.

I have to tell you, I really got into frozen yogurt back in San Francisco in 2008, when the Fro-Yo boom was happening. I hadn’t met Fro-Yo Girl yet, but I admired her blog a lot and aspired to be “Fro-Yo Girl Jr.”

Alas, I fell off the wagon a few times with fro-yo shop visits. Only in the past year as I got to know Lolia more (and met up with her frequently) did I find the joy of fro-yo again. Well, it also didn’t hurt that my brother and I lived near the original Tuttimelon location on Irving Street!

So now, here are the fro-yo reports I have written for Lolia so far; shall be writing a few more once I can nab some time away from pre-Fall Quarter coursework!

Fro-yo in Southwest Virginia by Guest Blogger Helene K.

Live from NYC: Fro-yo Trucks!

If you love frozen yogurt just as much as we do, please be sure to check out Fro-Yo Girl Speaks!

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Daily Post Day 71: Nuts About Haiku (& Food)

Soft, tasty morsels

Not widely available

Mochi is heaven.

— Helene Kwong (see photo for reference)

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Daily Post Day 70: The War Between Chocolate and Vanilla

In one corner stands Vanilla!

In the other corner, Chocolate!

Who will win this match today?

We shall see…

Vanilla comes running up to the center in full force. Chocolate follows Vanilla’s moves and smacks its limbs upon the ground to intimidate Vanilla.

Vanilla doesn’t seem scared.

They mash into each other and fight.

“I’m much better than you will ever be!” screamed Chocolate.

“Nah, I don’t think so,” replied Vanilla nonchalantly. Vanilla flicks Chocolate between the eyes.

“Ouch…” Chocolate falls backwards. Vanilla claims the victory!

The crowd goes wild.

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Daily Post Day 57: One-Day Writing Workshops

A temporary tattoo from my niece.


I went to a One-Day Intensive Workshop today with the Gotham Writers’ Workshop here in New York. I took up this opportunity since I knew I was going to still be in town for a few more days.

I had many different workshops to choose from, but I decided on Food Writing. I admit, my poor food blog (Cinnamon Juice) has gone the wayside for awhile now. I loved the instructor, Fran, a lot and I enjoyed listening to all of my fellow classmates talk about their experiences with food writing and also hear them read their writing exercises out loud.

I walked away from the class feeling a little better about my blog. I know I need a focus on it, but I cannot think of a niche I want to feel. It is an ongoing battle for me. This blog (official one) serves as a dumping ground for general thoughts. That is fine. But every time I get a new idea for a new blog, I find myself caught up in fear as I realize I do not have enough material (nor do I feel like making much effort) to blog on a regular basis.


This is the first time for me to actually stay consistent with blogging even on this blog. Well, ok, I am partially lying. When I was using Livejournal last decade (wow, I sound old…), I used to write entries everyday…sometimes even more than once per day. Then again, back then I focused more on my personal life and its little details. Also, that blog ended up becoming “friends only” – locked.

Now, this blog may have skewed towards a more personal slant this year, but I know my boundaries a lot better than when I was younger. I know not to mention certain aspects and I know what I want to share and what I don’t want to share. It is that easy.

But of course, back to niche blogging. As soon as I think of a niche I freeze in my tracks and realize I do not have enough material. And when I think of a topic that has been done before, I have self-doubt that nobody would be interested in hearing my viewpoint because it has “already been done before.”

Well, I am glad I took the class at Gotham and I hope to hone my craft in food writing a bit more. I will announce my food blog plans in upcoming posts, once I get some ideas generated.