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Frozen Yogurt Guest Blogging (Fro-Yo Girl!)

In the past few months since being back on the East Coast, I have had the chance to help out my friend, Lolia S. aka Fro-Yo Girl with guest blogging from across the country.

I have to tell you, I really got into frozen yogurt back in San Francisco in 2008, when the Fro-Yo boom was happening. I hadn’t met Fro-Yo Girl yet, but I admired her blog a lot and aspired to be “Fro-Yo Girl Jr.”

Alas, I fell off the wagon a few times with fro-yo shop visits. Only in the past year as I got to know Lolia more (and met up with her frequently) did I find the joy of fro-yo again. Well, it also didn’t hurt that my brother and I lived near the original Tuttimelon location on Irving Street!

So now, here are the fro-yo reports I have written for Lolia so far; shall be writing a few more once I can nab some time away from pre-Fall Quarter coursework!

Fro-yo in Southwest Virginia by Guest Blogger Helene K.

Live from NYC: Fro-yo Trucks!

If you love frozen yogurt just as much as we do, please be sure to check out Fro-Yo Girl Speaks!

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Daily Post Day 52: Road Trips Thus Far

Down Highway 1, California.

I haven’t taken many road trips in my life, or at least none I can remember too well so far. When I was a child, we went on some road trips as a family, but most of them I don’t remember too well. Just bits and pieces of visits to Virginia Beach and West Virginia (to watch dog races, hm).

When my eldest sister took us younger siblings to Williamsburg and Washington, D.C. in 1996, we had fun times singing along to radio songs and just relaxing in the heat of the summer sun while watching everything pass on by. I felt like we were on the road for awhile, but then again I was just a child at that point. Four to five hours in a car is a long time for a kid.

In the past year, I took smaller road trips around the Bay Area/northern California. Always an adventure to see new sights with other novice eyes. The drive I enjoyed the most was driving down Highway 1 to Santa Cruz. Watching the Pacific Ocean’s endless horizon beside us was frightening yet also majestic. The glory of nature followed us all the way to the Beach Boardwalk.

Then, there was a road trip to Las Vegas in late August. Although it was intriguing to me to see another part of the state of California along the trip, I didn’t care much for the arid scenery around us. To me, seeing desert is depressing. I need lush greenery, mountains, and water.


Daily Post Day 23: What’s a friend?

A friend is someone who will stand by me: laugh with me in the good times, build memories, listen to me as I rant/cry/etc.

A friend is someone I could have an argument with yet still be able to move forward from that snare in the relationship.

A friend is someone true, reliable.

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Daily Post Day 5: Talk vs. Text

The Daily Post is asking me whether I prefer to talk, text, or some other communication medium.

I seem to lean upon the answer of “it depends” for many questions people ask me. So that’s the answer I’m going with for this prompt:

– With family and close friends, I prefer a grab-bag of email, text, and phone calls. Of course, the most ideal form of communication would be face-to-face, but with the physical distance between us all, the other three will have to do.

– And then, with most others I associate with, I prefer email or Twitter. If I know them a little better, text. But generally, phone calls are reserved for people I am most comfortable with.

Today, I arrived back in San Francisco. I can’t say that I missed the city, but I certainly missed my loved ones here.

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NaNoWriMo: Day 8, Word War 1

Tonight, I had a Word War with my friend Rebecca who is also participating in NaNoWriMo. I had already written for 10 minutes solo beforehand, but I decided it would be fun to “compete” a bit.

I type too fast though–beat Rebecca by 1,000 words. Oops! I went off into a strange tangent at the end of the word war, too, so that sneaky Inner Editor is trying to whisper in my ear “Delete!” But I know to just keep moving forward.

Total word count as of right now (I don’t know if I will write more later tonight since I still need to work on my other projects): 14,021 words. Keep on going!