Plummeting Temperatures

2014-01-07 07.06.26-1The weather has changed drastically this week in Denver (if you haven’t already noticed). On Monday, the day started off around the 50s-60s range; by the end of the day, we had plummeted to about 10 degrees. Today, the temperatures have hovered around 0 degrees with snow on the ground and icy conditions at night.

I am probably one of the few who actually enjoy this cooler weather: I get a mix of emotions when it comes to the seasons and the weather. In the wintertime, I get a little sad from S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), but then I also get really happy from the snow and the cooler temperatures. I was born in January, so I am naturally a winter person.

Today I had to go downtown for my Leads Group 7 meeting and I was so excited bundling up to go outside. I think the idea of bundling up to stay warm just generally excites me: getting to choose which sweater to wear, which jacket, which hat, how to wear everything, et. al. Maybe it’s just the fact that I get to play with my clothing choices a bit more that allows for me to enjoy wintertime.

Snow before Christmas is always a bit whimsical anyway: it evokes those images of hot cocoa, a warm fireplace, and carolers around town. One thing I am thankful for though: I am not driving in this weather (I don’t have a car of my own). Driving in snow is one of my bigger fears; kudos to those who are competent with winter driving!

The temperatures are supposed to stay cold through this weekend, and then it’s back up to a balmy 40 degrees for “normal” late autumn/early winter temperatures. I’ll take it; I’ve been ready for this weather the past several months.

A Small World After All

I love them, but sometimes I need space away from them!
I love them, but sometimes I need space away from them!

Sometimes I find myself spending too much time at home doing work and otherwise putzing around. Yes, it’s home; that’s where I want to be. But when it comes to me and getting work done, my home has become a bit of a challenge with my two cats running around all day. So, today I decided to venture out to a coworking space in town that I used to be a member of.

Lots has changed around here and I thought I would only know a couple people here; turns out though that I know more people here now than I did back then though! Denver can oftentimes feel like a really small place with how I run into people from different parts of my life here in one place. I love the feeling of coincidences, unexpectedly seeing people I haven’t seen in ages.

As for my being productive for getting out of the house: got all my work done and the last bit of GMAT studying completed. Not a bad decision for the benefits I received today! super-rad sustainable clothing

I’ve known Kristin Glenn of since the days of Revolution Apparel in 2012, when they launched their Kickstarter for the Versalette. I was immediately hooked on the idea: a piece of clothing that can be worn 15 different ways?! Sign me up!

Last year, Revolution Apparel closed down and Kristin and her cofounder Shannon Whitehead went their separate ways. Kristin started up here in Denver and ever since, I’ve been one of their hugest fans! I LOVE the company’s mission in making sustainable clothing, and each piece of clothing usually has multiple ways to wear it. I am all about convertible fashion since that helps me reduce the number of clothing items in my closet.

So far, I have purchased the following items:

  1. The Wrapped Cardigan, which can be worn three ways
  2. No Sweat Pants, great for wearing to work or to a workout
  3. 5-Ways Maxi Dress, which is one of my favorite pieces to wear around town
  4. Seasonless Skirt, which is my second-favorite piece to wear

I’m clearly on my way to buying all of the company’s clothing!

Definitely a rad sweatshirt! (Photo courtesy of
Definitely a rad sweatshirt! (Photo courtesy of

In terms of this fall season’s newest offerings, I am most looking forward to the Moto Sweatshirt, which is currently running on Kickstarter to raise money to purchase the awesome Canadian-made fleece material for the shirt. I don’t know about you, but I am LOVING the asymmetrical zipper and the fact that this shirt sounds so super-warm!

So go ahead, go support this awesome company and buy some great, sustainable clothing.

Life at 3MPH: Walk2Connect Gets Us All Moving

Group photo during a trip in Lakewood, February 2013.
Group photo during a trip in Lakewood, February 2013.

This is a long overdue Support Local post. I have known Jonathon Stalls, lead itinerant and founder of Walk2Connect, since early 2013. Walk2Connect’s mission is to get more people walking rather than driving: discover the beauty of everyday life around us instead of letting it all speed on by. Jonathan was inspired to start Walk2Connect after his own epic, life-changing walking trip from Delaware to San Francisco in 2010 for Kiva Walk.

Hearing Jonathon’s story really inspired me to attend his walking trips around the Denver Metro area. I have met so many incredible people on these walking excursions: people I wouldn’t have met if I had stuck with my usual crowd at startup events. Walk2Connect has grown to many followers these days, considering the organization has expanded to include more daily walking trips throughout the Denver Metro area (such as Park Hill Sunrise Walks, Five Points at Dusk, and many more) in the past year.

Got to hold an egg-laying  hen at last year's Walk2Connect Farm-To-Table Experience in Wheat Ridge!
Got to hold an egg-laying hen at last year’s Walk2Connect Farm-To-Table Experience in Wheat Ridge!

My favorite Walk2Connect trips have been walks where a bit of local food-making is involved, such as the Wheat Ridge Farm-To-Table walk last summer: we walked to several farms in Wheat Ridge and collected ingredients to make pizza at Right Coast Pizza after our walk. The beer and the delicious pizza were all well worth the nine miles of walking!

I really hope more Denver-area residents get to experience Walk2Connect at least once in their lifetimes. The walks are a great alternative and active way to meet new people in your neighborhood, city, region. Plus, Jonathon’s personality is so infectious with his laughter and impeccable enthusiasm for life. You’ll be glad to have met Jonathon and the other walkers on your next trip: they’re sure to change your life.

Pakems: Conveniently Packable Sporty Shoes

The Pakems + Kid Project Giveaway ends today! Go over and enter to win a pair of low-cut Pakems now!

Wearing my high-top pair of Pakems this past winter.
Wearing my high-top pair of Pakems this past winter.

This post is part of a series of Support Local pieces on my blog. To check out other posts in the series, check the category “support local”

I don’t quite remember how I came across Pakems late last year: could have been another random Twitter find. Pakems is a Colorado-based company that makes portable shoes for after skiing/snowboarding and general travel for outdoor sports. From the Pakems website:

Pakems are lightweight, water-resistant, packable shoes engineered to take anywhere. They feature lightweight rip stop fabric, rubber soles for traction, and a strapped bag for packability.

I got myself a pair as an early Christmas present and I certainly have enjoyed this purchase. I’ve worn Pakems during the snowstorms earlier this year and they held up with their waterproof promises. The shoes are also good for slick sidewalks since I hadn’t slipped in my Pakems when I wore them. The high-top shoes are great to keep my ankles warm, although I may cave and buy a low-top pair for other reasons, hehe.

High-top Pakems in Lumberjack Plaid.
High-top Pakems in Lumberjack Plaid.

Pakems has shoes both for men and women, which come in a variety of colors and patterns. Each pair comes with its own carrying case so you can store away the shoes after you use them. Super fun!

Might be cute to see Pakems make kids’ shoes in the future. For now, I say buy a pair for yourself and check them out. Ski season may be winding down in Colorado, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying a pair for summer vacation hiking and other outdoor activities.

Pakems are currently sold in-stores at only a few locations, but you can always order your own pair on their website! Heck, why don’t you take a stab at the giveaway ending today? You just might be the lucky one.

***DISCLAIMER: I received a discount on a pair of Pakems, so in no way did the company offer me a free pair. This post is written from my own free will, so it is not a paid advertisement from the company. :)