Life’s Many Paths

One thing's for sure: the sun rises every day.
One thing’s for sure: the sun rises every day.

Well, I took the GMAT yesterday for the fourth time, and again, my score was less than stellar. I find that the more I study, the lower my score becomes. Granted, my first three attempts were 4-5 years ago, but still–you’d think that with all the time I put in this past month for studying that I would eke out better this time around. No, not so!

I cried after I left the testing center, feeling angry and lost: is this going to stand in my way forever? Am I even meant to go back and complete my MBA degree? What am I to do? I have been staying quiet on social media and talking with friends and family about my emotions. Do I take the GMAT again or should I think hard on what to do next if not graduate business school?

I feel like God has been trying to tell me something with each unsuccessful attempt at the GMAT: I mean, what AM I on this Earth for? What is my purpose in life, especially since I am a survivor of a near-fatal car accident? After that accident, I thought the reason I survived was to go on and get my degree after all; but since 2012, I am not so sure of that trajectory anymore.

Since it’s been less than 24 hours since the end of my test, I don’t have the answer to my questions above just yet. Been taking things easy and chatting with friends about what to do next; asking myself, well, WHY do I want that MBA degree so badly? Do I want it for the right reasons? What am I searching for with this quest? Is it what I really should be focusing on?

Well, let time unwind the story from this point forward; for the time being, I will continue to do my freelance work and also focus on writing my ninth novel for NaNoWriMo. That sounds like the best plan in the meantime.


A Small World After All

I love them, but sometimes I need space away from them!
I love them, but sometimes I need space away from them!

Sometimes I find myself spending too much time at home doing work and otherwise putzing around. Yes, it’s home; that’s where I want to be. But when it comes to me and getting work done, my home has become a bit of a challenge with my two cats running around all day. So, today I decided to venture out to a coworking space in town that I used to be a member of.

Lots has changed around here and I thought I would only know a couple people here; turns out though that I know more people here now than I did back then though! Denver can oftentimes feel like a really small place with how I run into people from different parts of my life here in one place. I love the feeling of coincidences, unexpectedly seeing people I haven’t seen in ages.

As for my being productive for getting out of the house: got all my work done and the last bit of GMAT studying completed. Not a bad decision for the benefits I received today!

My Official NaNoWriMo 2014 Announcement

Official NaNoWriMo participant. Click the banner to add me!
Official participant. Click the banner to add me!

I’d been sitting on the fence about participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Last year was the first time I sat out voluntarily since I began my NaNo-ing in 2007. I sat out last year because I was struggling with money and didn’t feel that writing a novel would be a wise decision with my time. In many ways, I felt FOMO (the fear of missing out), as I watched my friends tweet out their word counts excitedly and rejoiced over crossing the 50K line.

I didn’t want to miss out again this year, but I also felt trepidation over what to write. The last time I won NaNoWriMo, crossed the 50k word count, was in 2010: I won that year mainly because I had my local group of NaNo friends who were rooting me on and planning out write-ins around San Francisco. We did word sprints together via Twitter and really kept each other motivated.

Since I was new to Denver in 2011 when I participated, I didn’t know many people here. I went to the kick-off party and felt out of place. Even though I established a small write-in on campus at the University of Denver (I was a student there at the time), I didn’t cross the finish line. In 2012, I overhyped myself that October and, when midnight November 1st came, I sat down at my laptop and drew a big blank. I walked away from NaNoWriMo that year without even starting my writing.

Anyway, despite these past several years of inaction/not winning/etc., I am jumping in again this year. I already had a few friends reach out, encouraging me to try again; yesterday, my long-time best friend (been friends for 25+ years now!) texted me and said she wanted to finally jump into the NaNo craziness this year. So, she is my reason to give this crazy marathon a chance again.

I yet to have a novel idea to start off the month of November, but I have a feeling I will be ok. After all, when I first participated in NaNo in 2007, I started writing with no idea how that novel would be like; to this day, it is my proudest work and the one novel I am focusing on getting published first.

Hope to see you participating in NaNo as well. If you need a writing buddy, you can find me on the website as heriko.

Looking to find my blogging voice

Little Simba sleeping
Sleeping on those blog posts.

Not really sure what to write about right now but figure it’s best to get a blog post out before I take my second GMAT practice test.

I have been missing in action lately, at least in the blogging world. Have been paralyzed by writers’ block and therefore have avoided any writing on here. I’m always active on social media, especially Twitter, considering now I participate in many more Twitter chats than before.

I use writers’ block as an excuse for the lack of blog posts when in reality I know that I have a lot to write about: I just don’t know where to start or where to focus. If you have been following my blog for some time, you remember how I spent a period of time last year blogging about career-related topics, such as the job hunt, handling conflict at the workplace, and so forth. Then, these past two years I have also taken interest in writing about local Denver companies/brands and what I love about them.

I want to continue to write about local businesses, but in terms of other topics (the career one included), I just find myself getting stuck. What do I want to be known for? Career advice? Social media? A smorgasbord of topics?

Maybe I am just putting myself into a box and doing more harm than good. I’m not sure; what are your thoughts? super-rad sustainable clothing

I’ve known Kristin Glenn of since the days of Revolution Apparel in 2012, when they launched their Kickstarter for the Versalette. I was immediately hooked on the idea: a piece of clothing that can be worn 15 different ways?! Sign me up!

Last year, Revolution Apparel closed down and Kristin and her cofounder Shannon Whitehead went their separate ways. Kristin started up here in Denver and ever since, I’ve been one of their hugest fans! I LOVE the company’s mission in making sustainable clothing, and each piece of clothing usually has multiple ways to wear it. I am all about convertible fashion since that helps me reduce the number of clothing items in my closet.

So far, I have purchased the following items:

  1. The Wrapped Cardigan, which can be worn three ways
  2. No Sweat Pants, great for wearing to work or to a workout
  3. 5-Ways Maxi Dress, which is one of my favorite pieces to wear around town
  4. Seasonless Skirt, which is my second-favorite piece to wear

I’m clearly on my way to buying all of the company’s clothing!

Definitely a rad sweatshirt! (Photo courtesy of
Definitely a rad sweatshirt! (Photo courtesy of

In terms of this fall season’s newest offerings, I am most looking forward to the Moto Sweatshirt, which is currently running on Kickstarter to raise money to purchase the awesome Canadian-made fleece material for the shirt. I don’t know about you, but I am LOVING the asymmetrical zipper and the fact that this shirt sounds so super-warm!

So go ahead, go support this awesome company and buy some great, sustainable clothing.