Birthday Memories

This is 36.

If you had told me last year about all that would happen in my 35th year of life (both in the world and also in my own personal happenings), I would have laughed at you and claimed IMPOSSIBLE!

#amreading goals Year in Review

Reading & Crafting in the midst of the Pandemic

Two of my earlier posts from 2020 focused on my love of reading and fiber arts. Since I had set goals for these two hobbies and we’re at the edge of 2020 ending, I figure this is a good time to reflect upon my progress from the year and see what I have in store for 2021.

Year in Review

2020: History & Milestones

I know I’m preaching to the choir, but 2020 has definitely been a year for all of mankind. Thinking back to January and February feels like a lifetime ago, as everything turned upside down starting in March. I’m honestly fatigued (like everyone else) by this pandemic, and am saddened by all the lives lost to it. The year may definitely go down in history books as a ‘lost’ year, and in so many ways, I am feeling that sentiment as I think about all the cancelled/postponed gatherings that had been planned with loved ones.

goals Who I Am

My Fiber Arts Journey: A Long Read

Orange and dark gray yarn alternating in rows.
Crochet brioche cowl I completed in 2017: still one of my favorite projects and accessories.

How I Learned Crochet and Knitting

I first picked up knitting needles in college, when a classmate taught me how to knit a scarf. I found the craft soothing once I got the hang of the knit stitch, but then quickly became bored as I just kept going back and forth, back and forth (and as most of us know, scarves are rather long…). This scarf was an on-again, off-again project for roughly 7-8 years.

Prior to moving to Denver, I finally completed this scarf and reignited my interest in knitting and met a couple of like-minded individuals who also knit. I bravely ventured into circular knitting, but double-pointed needles (DPNs) intimidated me.


My Reading Habits: Past & Present

Since 2008, I have digitally kept track of the number of books I’ve read annually (with the exception of 2012 and 2013 — not sure what happened those two years). From a quick glance of my “completed books” lists from the past decade, I can deduce the following about my reading habits: