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Life’s Rollercoaster & A New 101 List

There’s never really a moment of rest, it seems. In this past month, I’ve seen myself go on quite a roller-coaster ride:

– Feeling stuck and unsure of the next step

– The next step is revealed to me through my graduate admission

– Finances and interim location are discussed and cause for me to over-think

– The dust settles and I’m still pondering.

That’s just how it always goes. And at times the pace goes so quickly that I forget to post during the week. My weekends again fall on Mondays and Tuesdays, so I’m usually away from the computer on those two days. Or, if I am at the computer, I am highly distracted by my Twitter feed.

At least in this past week I have been back to writing again. I’m currently working on a short historical fiction piece for a client; not exactly a genre I dabble in normally, but it’s good to try something different. I met with a fellow writing friend today and felt empowered/motivated just sitting next to her, typing away on my AlphaSmart. I really should be more mobile with my writing sessions–after all, it’s good to change the scenery a bit.

I’ve also been working on a new 101 list to start on October 1; I had started my first 101 list on January 1, 2008, and although I lost interest in my list at the end of that year, as I near the 1,001st day of that list I see that I still managed to achieve many of the goals I initially listed on that first day. So, October 1 will mark a new cycle of 1,001 days for me. So far, these goals are more focused than my first list, and it pleases me to see how I have matured over the past 2.75 years.

I wonder if I should make a new blog to write about my new goals or if I should just mention them all on this blog. I have a tendency to get too distracted if I have too many projects to work on. I suppose blogs aren’t too hard to keep up, but the frequency of updates sometimes gets me.

Well, onward towards another weekend for the rest of the world.