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Blocks & Balance in Life

This week, I’ve heard the phrase “be happy but be practical” a few times. I am supposed to take a day off from my thoughts somehow, but of course, the question is: How do I shut off my brain?

I’ve been writing goals for the next few years and I feel a tug from both sides of myself: one side saying “You can and you will achieve these goals!” Then, the other side says, “Sigh, didn’t you have these goals down awhile ago? And you still haven’t achieved them. You never will.”

Yes, there’s that saying that says we’re our own worst critic. The Inner Critic in me is not just for my writing–it likes to criticize everything about my life. That I’m not good enough for the things that I really want. It’s tiring to have to battle this all the time.

Of course I know I could just shut the Inner Critic up and just go with the flow. I have done that before. But during times of immense change, all I hear are the nagging words within me.

I suppose for the weekend I shall retreat from these thoughts and just go about my daily deeds with no concern.