family money

Daily Post Day 50: A Million Dollars…

Everyone dreams of winning that big jackpot one day, or just achieving that first million with hard work.

So, what would I do with the million dollars?

First, I would give the majority of it to my family for the years of their support they have given to me. Without my family, I wouldn’t be here today.

Second, I’d travel the world with the one I love. It wouldn’t matter where we traveled to; anywhere we desired to be.

Third, I’d leave funds for my descendants. Savings accounts, college funds, etc.

Fourth, I’d indulge in some fine clothes, shoes, handbags. Yes, I have to be a lady.

That’s what I’d do with the money.

change life money

This is how it goes;

You only realize who is the closest, most trustworthy, when you are in a crisis.

I feel now I am indebted to them, which makes it harder for me to move on.

Another dip in the rollercoaster of life.

Japan money travel

Exchange Rate at the Airport.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the exchange rate for the dollar/yen at SFO being 88 yen to $1 USD. The night before, I checked and the rate was at 98 yen on two websites; I knew that the rate could not have dropped so drastically in less than twelve hours, so I called my sister and asked her to check the rates.

According to Yahoo! Financial and, the rates were still around 98-99 yen for a dollar. Sigh of relief; but this made me pretty much decide that I probably won’t ever trade my currency at an airport unless absolutely necessary–why is it that airports get horrible rates? It seems rather fishy to me, but then again, I don’t really know much about how the exchange rates are determined from location to location (at a bank, as opposed to at an airport, etc.).

If anybody knows the answer, please let me know.

money time Work Diaries

Work and free time.

I haven’t kept up with news much at all lately, due to the odd hours for work. No time to watch Donny Deutsch at night anymore. No time to even tune into Celebrity Apprentice on Thursday evenings.

When I have free time now, I feel like I should be doing something else besides relaxing. I like being kept busy with work because then it does not allow for my mind to wander and ponder about a lot of things that distress me.

I would enjoy free time more if I knew I were being paid for it, but I’m not. I’m trying to figure out now if I should seek more work with flexible hours or I should just enjoy my time off now. I have had too much time off in the past four months though; it’s about time I get back into the swing of work.

money My San Francisco Chronicles

San Francisco Minimum Wage for 2008

Well, it seems like San Francisco’s minimum wage will go up to $9.36 effective January 1, 2008. I think it’s crazy how high the minimum wage is here–when I was working at the cafe a few months ago, I was paid $9.14, the current minimum wage. I remember telling my friends back home about the minimum wage here and they were all very shocked. Minimum wage in Virginia is $5.85, which is around the range of the federal minimum wage.

The state of California itself has a minimum wage of $7.50 increasing to $8.00 in 2008. I can’t believe how much more the minimum wage is in the city of San Francisco–I guess it shows how much more expensive it is to live here in the city!

A few days ago, my friend and I were talking about this minimum wage increase and then were curious about what other states’ minimum wages were. So we went searching on the Internet, looking for the lowest minimum wage. Kansas definitely takes the cake on this one–$2.65! That’s a huge difference from San Francisco. I think it’s just interesting to see the difference in the cost of living from area to area. I never thought San Francisco was so pricey until I saw these comparisons. I guess it can be a good and a bad thing for me.