Daily Post Day 52: Road Trips Thus Far

Down Highway 1, California.

I haven’t taken many road trips in my life, or at least none I can remember too well so far. When I was a child, we went on some road trips as a family, but most of them I don’t remember too well. Just bits and pieces of visits to Virginia Beach and West Virginia (to watch dog races, hm).

When my eldest sister took us younger siblings to Williamsburg and Washington, D.C. in 1996, we had fun times singing along to radio songs and just relaxing in the heat of the summer sun while watching everything pass on by. I felt like we were on the road for awhile, but then again I was just a child at that point. Four to five hours in a car is a long time for a kid.

In the past year, I took smaller road trips around the Bay Area/northern California. Always an adventure to see new sights with other novice eyes. The drive I enjoyed the most was driving down Highway 1 to Santa Cruz. Watching the Pacific Ocean’s endless horizon beside us was frightening yet also majestic. The glory of nature followed us all the way to the Beach Boardwalk.

Then, there was a road trip to Las Vegas in late August. Although it was intriguing to me to see another part of the state of California along the trip, I didn’t care much for the arid scenery around us. To me, seeing desert is depressing. I need lush greenery, mountains, and water.

Daily Post Day 50: A Million Dollars…

Everyone dreams of winning that big jackpot one day, or just achieving that first million with hard work.

So, what would I do with the million dollars?

First, I would give the majority of it to my family for the years of their support they have given to me. Without my family, I wouldn’t be here today.

Second, I’d travel the world with the one I love. It wouldn’t matter where we traveled to; anywhere we desired to be.

Third, I’d leave funds for my descendants. Savings accounts, college funds, etc.

Fourth, I’d indulge in some fine clothes, shoes, handbags. Yes, I have to be a lady.

That’s what I’d do with the money.

Daily Post Day 34: Greatest Hero Of My Life

My greatest hero of all time is my father. Without his courage, we wouldn’t be here today.

Daily Post Day 31: My Own Reality TV Show

Funny that today’s prompt is asking about what kind of reality TV show I would have (if I had the chance).

I was actually talking about this with my two sisters over the holidays (mentioned this a few days ago, actually); we were making a joke about some drama our extended family was having by saying, “Hey, our family has more drama than a novel!”

What resulted from this discussion was that we would need to change our names to start with the same consonant (a la Kardashians). We three sisters then proceeded to laugh as we tried to figure out the best consonant to go with: W, C, L, H, or..could we go with the vowel, A?

We’d have an entertaining reality show…wouldn’t even need to be put into staged situations. Enough happens in our family (amusing things) to not need scripts; just check out my Tumblr if you need some proof. 😉

By the way, today (Jan. 31) is my birthday, and I feel so loved by all the messages I’ve received already today.

Daily Post Day 26: Funny People in My Life

I know many funny people. But the three funniest in my life?

  1. My father
  2. My mother
  3. One of my sisters (L)

Of course, if I could “cheat” on this list, I’d say my whole family cracks me up. There are things that happen that sometimes makes me feel like we could have an unscripted reality tv show. My sisters and I said we would have to change our names to start with the same letter (a la the Kardashians).