holiday NaNoWriMo Work in Progress

NaNoWriMo: Day 24 (and all the previous days)

Yikes–I realize I dropped off with my posts in the past week. And yes, no real excuses except the usual ones: time flew, had a lot of stuff to do IRL, etc. Yes, you have heard it all.

Today I participated in a 10K writing day thanks to the Fear of Writing blog. I only got to 7,380 words but that is still a huge accomplishment! I like that these 10K writing challenges occur every month and not just for November for NaNoWriMo; good to know so I can keep myself motivated throughout the year!

Lots of time spent at the gym lately and also just going out a lot. Went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra this past Sunday. Loved listening to classical pieces played rock-style. Fun crowd, too!

My NaNoWriMo novel has gone the wayside…I’m up to 34,449 words as of tonight, but really, so much of it is nonsensical. Yes, I realize the Inner Editor is speaking. But I also just know that I need to plow through these last final days of November and get to the finish line so I can at least tell myself “Hey, I made it, no matter how crappy the draft is!”

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to get that certificate and winner’s t-shirt. Oh, and a 50% discount on Scrivener software. Yes, I am motivated by giveaways/bribes.

Well, guess it’s off to bed for Thanksgiving tomorrow!