What’s next? Help me out!

Next set, please!
Next set, please!

Yes, erhm. I’m asking you all, my readers, what you would like for me to write next. This is only for topics on Mondays; seems I have exhausted my business list posts for the time being. Plus, I was told that my business writing was no good! So there.

Starting this week I will be writing more during the week, Monday to Thursday. Tuesday-Thursday will be stories from my past, my present, etc. Topics I wish to explore that don’t fit on a Monday.

So, here it is, today’s poll:

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Thanks in advance! And spread the word.

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A New Cycle & NaNoWriMo Thoughts

It’s always about cycles; once I get used to a routine, something else changes it up. I think this weekend I’ve finally gotten the hang of my recent schedule:

Since I’ve received unexpectedly good attention for client stories, I’ve been keeping busy with writing short stories up to 2,000 words. These stories are essentially me being a ghostwriter, so in the end I don’t get credit for writing them (other than the bit of cash I receive from the gig). It’s okay; it’s been fun learning about new topics I wouldn’t have ever thought to write about in my own work.

Since the past few Sundays have been errands days, the rest of the week I decided to be more proactive and finish all my projects/assignments by today. Success! Amazing what a little deadline does to me. It’s probably a common feeling, but I find that just having a deadline/plan later in the day forces me to focus on my work earlier in the day. It’s better than floundering around all day and not seeing an “end” to the project.

Blogs have fired up for NaNoWriMo preparation; I remember how last year I wasn’t able to complete my novel. Then again, there was a lot on my plate last November–my mind wasn’t completely on writing. I wonder if this year will be different. I’m still against too much preparation for the project, though; in terms of writing, I just like to go with the flow rather than plan too much.

Earlier this week, I was chatting with a friend about how I’d like to get back to my own writing after I complete my client projects. Although it’s nice to earn money writing for others, I find the most joy in writing from writing for myself. That’s how everything should be in terms of career, right?

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First Third, 2010.

There’s still a week left in April, but still: last night, I came to the realization that the year is almost already a third over. The time that has passed this year–it’s hard to believe how it stays in motion and that the dark period of time continues to edge further and further away.

I’ve been reviewing my journals from the last half of 2009 and I realize that, although many things change externally and internally, a lot of my thoughts stay constant. The goals I had mapped out for this year have been derailed by that unfortunate period of time, but slowly, I’m picking myself back up.

On Monday, I found myself perusing the public library and scooping up a few more books on writing. I can never get enough of these kinds of books; I’m always looking to read and learn more, to hone my craft. Writing has been dormant lately, at least creatively. Sure, I’m drafting emails and meeting minutes at work, but that’s just stating the facts. Reminds me of my days in high school when I wrote articles for the school paper.

In a few days, I’ll be leaving my mark on the3six5 Project, and I continue to feel in disbelief that my time to write my entry for the project has snuck up on me so quickly. I remember when I signed up to be a writer for the project (late last year) that I was already envisioning what I would write on April 24; I had many plans and dreams to build up to that point in time back in December. Now, I see that all those plans I had will not be written about, at least not this year. There are different things happening instead.

Life continues to amaze me with the twists and turns that come my way. Reading my journals has been like reading a suspenseful novel; didn’t know things would turn out this way, but I’ll still persevere. I’m alive today, and I’m truly thankful for that.

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the3six5 Project.

I’m currently sitting in JFK Airport’s T5, waiting for my delayed flight back to San Francisco. It’s a New Year, another year, another chance at more changes and accomplishments. 2010 so far has been a mixed bucket: joys and sorrows. But, let’s write about something else, shall we?

I’ve signed up to participate in the3six5 project, a project featuring 365 people’s views on all the days of the year. Each author picks a day in the year 2010 to write about that day, the current events, reflections, etc. Basically, what are the lives like of 365 people in the US? After the project concludes (one year from now), the creators of the project (Len Kendall and Daniel Honigman) hope to publish the project as a “crowdsourced journal of 2010”.

There were several days I wanted to write an entry for, but unfortunately, all of those were already reserved for other authors. So, I went for the next best thing, which was essentially the next available consecutive date. Look out for my entry on April 24, 2010. Perhaps that day will be something spectacular.

Then again, isn’t everyday spectacular in its own way?