Daily Post Day 63: A Magic Tree

We all wish for money to grow on trees, admit it.

But what if we came across a magic tree that produced other things?

I would want my magic tree to grow love and beautiful dreams.

Yes, quite a bit intangible, but I’m a dreamer.

Also, if the tree grew plenty of food for me to live off of, that would cut grocery costs quite a bit.

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Start of another month; birthday wishes.

The first of February, and it’s amazing to look back on the previous month and realize the new doors of opportunity, windows of inspiration that have opened for me already this year:

1) My passion for writing has surged forward with a vengeance, giving me extra motivation to get the word out on my writing, building a fan base and also giving me more reason to go back and revise my shorter works. Despite a hectic weekly schedule, I have made big strides in my goals this past month.

2) Since I began the Photo 365 project on New Year’s Day, I have found more joy in taking pictures every day. My interest in photography has become heightened again, and I look forward to seeing the small things in my daily life through my camera lens. The extra photo opportunities have also helped me find more writing ideas.

I’m looking forward to more opportunities being presented to me as time unfolds.

In other news; the end of January came and went rather interestingly. Greetings for my birthday came a couple of days earlier when I received a surprise vase of flowers at the office (sent from my older brother and his family). It was a very pleasant surprise to receive, albeit the commute home that night was quite an amusing one (I kept receiving stares and random smiles from strangers since it must have looked a little strange to see someone holding a VASE of flowers, not a simple bouquet). I rarely ever receive flowers, but I find that when I do receive them, I feel a rush of emotions within me.

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I spent my birthday yesterday quietly with a few of my relatives and some close friends. I didn’t want too much for my birthday; just some quiet time to relax and reflect. I received a few more email/phone birthday greetings than expected, so that was nice. I feel like the past few years I haven’t felt overly excited for my birthday; sure, I’m still happy when the day comes, and I appreciate all of the greetings/well wishes, but it’s also just another day in my life that I’m happy to have. I wonder if I will continue to feel this way as the years go by.

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Edible Arrangements

(source of photo: NY Times)

Okay, so I have known about Edible Arrangements for a few months now, only because there’s a store right in my neighborhood. I have walked by it several times and always wondering “What could they mean by ‘edible’ arrangements? Edible flowers?” I really was thinking that, since their logo looks like an arrangement of flowers.

Well, only today did I learn that the Edible Arrangements are actually fruit/chocolate arranged to look like flower bouquets. What a concept! Kind of feel like it’s more “bang for the buck” than a regular bouquet of flowers. Flowers, unfortunately, wilt and die and really, all you can do with them is look at them and admire, and water them. I’m not knocking flowers, and I actually love flowers (when I receive them), but they’re one of those things in life that is “nice to have” but not necessary (at least, to me). With the Edible Arrangements, you can still sit and admire, but you will enjoy diving in and eating the tasty fruit and chocolates as well.

The fruit is all natural (a big plus–I don’t like how a lot of these “fruit” products these days contain preservatives, sugar, and other unnecessary things) and is guaranteed fresh at delivery. Prices range from $40 to $200, I’m guessing depending on the size of the arrangement and how special of an occasion you are buying for. After reading the article in NYTimes about Edible Arrangements, I want to go out and buy an arrangement, merely so I marvel at it and eat it. I love fruit anyway, so it’s not a bad deal at all.

Hmm, I but I think I will have to find a good reason/occasion to splurge on the arrangement….

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Devotion/True Love

There’s a high I get when I know I am making someone else happy through gifts or loving gestures. Sometimes I wonder whether I really do all of this out of pure love/devotion or if I do it only in vain.. I say to myself that I want to do it all out of selfless love, but at the same time, I secretly hope for reciprocation sometime. It doesn’t have to be immediate; it can be built over time.

I tend to do this, give my all, and many times I have been hurt as a result of my giving nature. Still, there aren’t any regrets through these actions–I did what I had to do, and whatever the results are, I am happy with them.