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Radio Oldies

I don’t usually listen to radio, but since I’ve started working at the hot dog carts, I have been really digging the KISS 98.1 FM radio station here in San Francisco. The station reminds me of a mix of K92.3 and Q99.1 from back east, in that it plays popular oldies and some more recent, contemporary songs.

Today while working at the commissary, I was singing along with the Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, etc. Ah, so many of the songs on the radio give me quite a bout of nostalgia. I was only born in 1985, but so many golden oldies from the ’60s, ’70s, and early ’80s remind me of my childhood. Probably because my siblings and I used to always watch those music video shows on VH1 back when they actually showed music videos. “Whatever happened to…”, “One-Hit Wonders”, etc. We were bored a lot at home, so we ended up learning a lot of American music history.

I feel like I can listen to KISS 98.1 all day…I practically did that today since I ended up working close to 8-9 hours (was slow in the prep work today). So many songs that I recognised, so many memories…