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Five years since the start of the War in Iraq.

I can’t believe it’s been five years since the war began.

Today in Union Square/downtown area, there were a lot of protesters. A lot of them were dressed in garb doing skits (I couldn’t quite see what kind of skit they were doing, but it was about the war). Then, they all tried going into Macy’s at one point but policemen on motorcycles immediately stopped them. I was standing at my hot dog cart minding my own business and was startled to see the policemen roll their bikes up onto the sidewalk.

The protest processional had to be moved elsewhere (probably down Powell Street). My manager said that Market Street was looking pretty bad at one point due to the protest.

After the commotion in front of the Macy’s, a man was walking by my cart and kind of smiled at me in a funny way. Then, he went on to say, “What the hell, Hot Dog Lady?!”, probably questioning whether I was involved in the protest or what…