Work Diaries

Projects & Spinning Head

I’m currently taking a break from all my reading for my classes.

A few days before 2012 came to be, I constructed a list of things I want to focus my time on. And already, with school back in-session (full force!), I find myself neglecting my business plan, my writing, and my freelance work.

I’m working on a statistical analysis for ELI ; now, to find the time to get all the numbers crunched. Am so glad I have my stats professor guiding me along on this.

the3six5denver is going well so far, but I feel like I am pulling teeth to get more writers out of the woodwork. This week has been slow for the project…need more writers, need another editor.

I met with a NaNoWrimo friend last night for a quick dinner before my classes 6-10pm. I continue to tell myself, every year since NaNoWriMo 2007, that I will “revise that novel and get it ready to send out.” Sadly, out of all of my WIP (novels especially), that first novel has the most potential. The rest is just drivel for now.

My network in Denver is expanding; so glad for this. I need to make a point to blog a little more frequently than once each month. A lot happens, but not enough time is set aside for writing. Sigh.

Back to homework now…