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NaNoWriMo: Day 13

Yes, a few days are missing from my month-long blogging updates on NaNoWriMo. This past week brought about unexpected (yet good) changes…but also resulted in my not being able to add to my wordcount. Yikes!

Well, word sprints help, especially with a group. Even if the group is just online! Rebecca has been good at motivating people through her writing Page on Facebook. In the most recent word sprint (yesterday), I still eked out quite a bit of words in a 15-minute increment. I type way too fast.

So, today I will have to double post because I am applying to be an editor for the3six5 project in 2011. Stay tuned for my next post…

(P.S. Cumulative word count as of 6:59 PST: 16,442 words)