change reflection

May: A Time of Change.

I received my alma mater’s alumni newsletter yesterday and it listed over 3,000 students graduated this past weekend from the school. I’m reminded of how I felt three years ago when I finished my undergraduate studies and how the world seemed so vast before me at that point. It was the end of school life, but the beginning of my professional life, or at least as most people see it, “The Adult Life”.

And now, I’m embarking on another change in my life during this month of May; the end of something, the beginning of another. Transitions seem to be happening at this time regardless of industries; people leaving their jobs to return to their home countries, counselors moving their services to another center, etc.

Change is in the air and it seems unstoppable. I often find myself face-to-face with people who are afraid of change, afraid of leaving the familiar. And then they look back on this point in their life when they’re older and they kick themselves for not having more courage to do the un-thinkable, or the unusual.

As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss. It’s best now to leap before I look and see where I land. I let fear hold me back for the past few months, but now I’m moving forward. “The End” used to be more painful for me, but I’ve grown to see that there will always be beginnings and ends throughout life. Things come and go throughout life, but those that really matter will stay throughout the changing times.

I say, bring it on; I’m ready for whatever comes my way now.