change Who I Am

Looking Back & Looking Forward

East Asian adult woman smiling, wearing neckwarmer and sweater.
New Year’s Eve 2019.

Hello 2020 — as everyone has continued to emphasize, it’s not only the start of another New Year, but also a new decade.

2019 was a series of challenges and important lessons learned, both professionally and personally. Only in the final weeks of the year did I realize that I have had this website and blog for over ten years (launched this website in early 2009).

In the early days of this website, I had set out on my writing ambitions and blogged fairly regularly. 2010 – 2013 were years of transition and big changes, yet I continued to blog on a regular basis as I explored different career options and began my entrepreneurial journey during that time.

In the past five years, my blogging became more and more infrequent as I let myself get caught up in the anxiety of what others thought of me. I am sad to say that there were many times where others’ opinions of me got the best of me expressing myself here.

Well, thanks to 2019’s lessons and challenges, I am renewing my journey here.

Over the next few months, I will be checking in more frequently and will also do a website overhaul. What will I write about? Whatever is on my mind at the time–because it’s time I finally give myself permission again to express myself however I feel, especially with my writing.