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Life’s Many Mysterious Moments

Well, yesterday I received some unexpectedly good news: after over a year of embarking on MBA applications, I finally got the answer I needed. I had given up last month when I did not fare well on the GMAT once again; figured that it was a sign that business school was not meant to be in my life plans.

Boy was I wrong for giving up so quickly.

So this time next year, I’ll be back in school. My friends have known about my wish for this past year, and one of them did say to me, “Your wish came true.” After all that has happened this past year, it all has paid off with this great piece of news.

Just goes to show that life always seems to work out in a strange¬†convoluted¬†way for me. But, despite all of that happening, things always work out somehow. Life is never a straight path to what I seek; it’s always roundabout, but that’s what makes the whole journey worth it.

So now, the countdown begins.