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Hot in San Francisco

The first official day of summer, and the temperatures in San Francisco are around 90 degrees. It’s insanity! While working today, so many people bought ice cold drinks from me and kept complaining about the heat. San Francisco rarely becomes so warm, so people are not used to it.

It’s amusing to see how fickle people are about the weather in San Francisco. I have become one of those people–if it gets above 70 degrees I complain that it’s a bit too hot, and if it goes below 40, I’m chattering my teeth. Since when did I become used to such moderate weather? After all, I’ve been in over 100 degree weather (with humidity) before, and I have been in below zero degree weather as well (could feel my nose freezing up right when I walked outside…).

I suppose when people grow accustomed to one area, one climate, they tend to forget the other climates they had lived in before.