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H n M Tokyo Competition?

So…while I was downtown today, I passed by the H&M store and noticed a huge sale going on; I sent a memo to myself (via Twitter) about going back to the store ASAP to take advantage of the sale. I completely forgot about that memo until just now, when I went back to my Twitter page and saw the memo. Then, I decided I would check the H&M website to see if they would have information about the sale…

I clicked “US” and it led to this screencap I am presenting to you. Wait, what? A competition to represent H&M in Tokyo in September? HUH!? I thought at first I had clicked on the wrong country, but hm, I did indeed click on “US”. I didn’t even know about this; so I’m guessing the contest is one of those “submit your own video” and users vote on who will win. Fun! Perhaps I should send in a video….but I feel a little nervous about it. Then again, what do I have to lose?

Anyway, just passing along some information. =)