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Favorite foods.

I notice whenever I dine out with my friends, I tend to choose Asian cuisine over the usual pasta, sandwiches, etc. I also notice that, when it comes to Asian cuisine, I tend to prefer Korean or Thai.

I wonder, why is that?

I enjoy Chinese cooking/food any day since I grew up with it; I’m perfectly fine with Japanese and Vietnamese foods. So why is it almost always Korean or Thai?

There are some things at Korean restaurants which I feel are rather unique for Asian cuisine; for example, all of the starter/”appetizer” dishes they provide, including kimchi and other pickled vegetables. The sizzling hot pots are always divine, and the spices/flavors are just one of a kind. Plus, I feel like most of the foods I probably can’t make on my own at home without the help of a Korean friend.

Thai food is probably some form of comfort food for me; I used to always go to this one Thai place back when I was in school. The flavors also strike me as being more unique than some other Asian cuisines–I like spicy foods, and I like the curries.

I probably stay away from “All-American” cuisine these days because of how much I had of it while I was growing up. I remember ordering out a lot with my siblings, and we’d gorge ourselves on pizza rolls, pizza, huge sandwiches, etc. They’re not foods that necessarily satisfy my palate these days; maybe once in awhile, I’ll consider the foods for a meal, but not every week. Plus, some of the foods I can make at home anyway, so why waste the money to go out and buy something on the pricier side when I know I have the ability to cook it myself?