Daily Post Day 28: To Live Forever, or not?

I’m sure everyone thinks about this question a lot (Do you want to live forever?)

Without thinking, I would say “YES!” But, knowing how I work, I would end up over-thinking this question and realizing, “Oh no, I wouldn’t want to live forever.”

Think about it this way: If I were the ONLY person in the world to live forever (as a human, on this Earth), I wouldn’t want to be seeing generations of my loved ones passing away. That would be sad to see, although at the same time it’d be a glorious thing (to be able to meet so many of my descendants).

If EVERYONE were to live forever as humans on this Earth, that would be a different situation, and that would elicit a different response from me.

Then again, in my religion, we all DO live forever…at least our souls do. WHERE we live forever is a whole other question.