#amwriting contest editing New Year reflection

After the holidays;

Sorry I was away for the past two weeks. I spent time back in my hometown with my family and didn’t spend much time on the computer at all. I suppose that’s how holidays are supposed to be spent, right?

Well, with the holiday and the time away from the computer, I also didn’t get much progress done on outlining my novel. I’m aiming to enter the novel into the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award on February 2, so I need to really get going on my editing and revising. I need to get the novel in decent shape for submission.

Another new year is here, and during the final hours of 2008, I was thinking about what I wanted to achieve for 2009. A lot of things happened during 2008, both good and bad; however, as you can see, I survived from all the experiences and managed to learn so much from the past year. I looked over my 101 list I had started last January, and it just amazed me to see the difference in my goals then and my goals now.

It seemed like July was a changing point in my life, since I last glimpsed at my 101 list at that point, and that was also when I was last enthusiastic about posting in this blog and other places online. Will it be the same again this year?

Well, I hope that with this new year that there will be many more changes and experiences to learn from. Cheers to you all for a good 2009.

Chinese Culture friends New Year

In with 2008.

2008 rang in with some interesting moments. Was glad to spend the first few hours of the new year with some close friends here in the city.

So, apparently, the year 2008 is supposed to be a “bad luck year” for all those people born in the Year of the Rat (Chinese/lunar calendar). I didn’t even know of this until I was hanging out with my friend and her friends, and they mentioned how we all needed to go to Chinatown to buy red bands so we could ward off the bad luck on us. I am usually not superstitious, but as a group, we didn’t seem to have much luck today with our adventures.

Maybe it’s just me being weird, but maybe I should go ahead and buy that red band. I didn’t even realize that the Chinese New Year this year is the Year of the Rat; how convenient, isn’t it?