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Thoughts on Life

What can I say? October has been quite something so far. Reflections, contemplations, so forth.

This whole year I’ve wondered more and more about the paths that I cross and vice-versa. Why do things happen? Why do some people stay in my life for good and others just drift off with no good-byes?

I realized yesterday that one of my many mantras in life is “Everything happens for a reason.” Even if something feels so painful and unreal at the moment, it all was meant to happen.

But I understand that I just need to keep moving forward. To continue to think back and torture my mind…it will only hold me back.


I’ve been avidly scrolling on Twitter lately.  I tend to check my writing, inspirational, and health lists the most since I enjoy reading about those three topics. I’ve been need of some inspiration, and not necessarily of the writing sort. I just need some more reinforcements on why I’m in this life and why things are the way they are.

Every day, really, I am thankful to be alive. As that sad memory drifts further and further away in time and in my mind, I feel a little less shackled, a little better about running off with no fears.

If I can survive what had happened to me, I can survive anything at this point. Life is not always easy, as my parents have told me and showed me through their life experiences. But whatever is worth fighting for will surely still be there at the end of my life.