Review Time

Women’s Health Magazine: Review

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but for those of you who may not know already, one of my biggest hobbies these days has been exercising/eating well/leading a healthier lifestyle. This whole journey started almost two years ago, and along the way I have been subscribing to health/fitness magazines in order to keep me motivated.

Near the end of last year, I started receiving some offers from magazines that I was not subscribed to; I assume they received my mailing information from my subscriptions at Fitness, SELF, and Weight Watchers Magazines. One of these offers was from Women’s Health: they offered a free trial issue plus a booklet with mini-guides/articles on different aspects of health. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try out another health/fitness magazine; after all, for the past couple of years I had been curious about Women’s Health after all.

Only recently, I was able to peruse through the trial issues I received from Women’s Health. The verdict in the end: the magazine is okay, has some good tidbits of information, but I think overall I don’t like the magazine too much. The layout of it makes it appear like a tabloid, which seemed to distract and take away the authenticity of each article. The articles themselves did not seem meaty enough to me.

I wonder if the target audience of the magazine is meant for women older than I am? The cover models are youthful looking (around 20s-30s), yet perhaps the aim of the magazine is for women in their late 30s-40s instead. I’m not too sure; I did not feel “fulfilled” with the articles I read in the magazines though.

I guess I am at least glad that I was able to read a couple of issues before I decided to jump in and subscribe to this magazine. Not saying that the magazine is bad, but it probably just doesn’t have the type of information that I need and want at the moment. I’ll re-visit it again in a few years time.