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Leaving the city for a few days.

Today I headed out of San Francisco to go to Sacramento for a few days–my cousins are graduating from high school tomorrow, so I figured I should take the trip in to visit them and the rest of my relatives. I realized recently that I hadn’t left San Francisco since I arrived back from Japan; people say they start to feel restless/a little crazy if they’ve been in San Francisco for too long (with no vacation out of the city/Bay Area).

I could understand that sentiment, but I still could not help but feel a little sad/homesick as I watched the city grow farther and farther away while I crossed the Bay Bridge on the Amtrak bus. The scenery passing by on the train was even more dramatic, changing from bay views to farmland.

Perhaps I can never feel like I can adapt to life outside of San Francisco anymore. Despite the fact that I have only lived here for a year, I find that I can see myself settling down here for good (after I do a little more traveling, though).

Perhaps I have really planted my heart in San Francisco.