Week in Review: Steady Fiverr Gigs & Organizing Goals

This past week went by very very slowly. I’m wondering if it’s because I took the time to really enjoy each moment and not worry so much about the present.

I joined Fiverr a couple weeks ago after hearing about it from my sister-in-law. It’s an interesting concept: people do anything for $5 (well, net $4 since Fiverr takes $1 per sale). Some users on the site offer very usable skills and services, but most offer just frivolous services such as writing something on their forehead for $5. I wouldn’t pay the money for that unless I was really bored, had a lot of money to spare, and found that at all amusing.
Anyway, I’ve posted gigs on there, mostly writing-related. At first, nobody was biting (I’m offering skills that many others are also offering after all), but this week I’ve seen a steady stream of orders. It’s good to exercise my writing muscles in other ways.
Last night, before I went to bed, I organized my goals for the summer (in terms of writing). There are a couple of literary magazines I’d like to submit to, and one writing contest I was notified about via Facebook. Now, I have to go back and look through all my short stories (ones written from 2008-2009) and see which ones have potential of being polished in a timely manner.
This week was the first real week for me to have some semblance of a “regular” schedule since things are slowly getting back to normal around me. I don’t have as much of a structured week though, so my days off are whenever I feel like it for the time being. Of course, I’ll need to figure out a better outline of a schedule as time passes; it’s hard to really enjoy time when I feel like I’m on-call the whole time.
In other news, I just now went through my labels/tags for this blog. Gee whiz, I have a tendency to be too broad yet too specific at the same time. I guess it’d help if I had more of a focus for this blog. I only say this now because I’m taking a class on blogging via Gotham Writers’ Workshop. Even though I’ve been blogging for many years now (probably about ten!), I figured it was time for me to learn to refine my blogging skills. In general, all my Internet skills have just been trial-and-error over the years, but I feel more confident if I have some sort of foundation. I have more blog ideas incubating in my mind since I’ve started the class, but those ideas will have to wait until I improve my current blogs (this one and Cinnamon Juice…oh, it’s so quiet over there!).