Slice of Life

Spending the First Day of Summer at the Beach–

What a perfect way to start summer off, right? It is such an All-American thing to do but I can’t remember the last time (if ever) I’d gone to the beach at the start of summer. I went down to Santa Cruz yesterday and enjoyed the warm, sunny weather–I heard my mind exclaiming, “This is how I like my summers!”

Living in San Francisco for three years now, I’ve forgotten about the warmth and sunshine that summer entails–you’d think that growing up on the East Coast (where all four seasons are very noticeable) would prevent me from forgetting about summertime. Well, the fog rolling in over the city and the cooler winds blowing through quickly wiped away my memory of hot summers spent outside, riding my bicycle around the front yard of my old house. These days, I only own one pair of shorts and one tank top for those very very rare summery days in SF…or, for when I am able to venture out of the city to warmer places.
Santa Cruz’s Beach Boardwalk is very commercialized yet still has that old-timey spirit to it. I’d been here last year on a field trip with the school and it was an overcast day then. We also unknowingly were able to take advantage of the “1907 Nights” happening on Mondays and Tuesdays after 5pm where all rides are $1/person and some refreshments/retail are also $1 or less. What a steal! We rode many rides after 5pm and fully enjoyed ourselves. We also spent some time on the beach, where the boys ran around like they were ten, chasing and wrassling with one another and disturbing our fellow beach-mates (but it was still amusing).
I found myself sitting behind my camera more than actually running around with the rest of them, but it gave me a sense of pure happiness to capture all the scenes through my lens. In the past year, I’ve lost a lot of passion for photography, so I’m trying to slowly gain back the practice of taking pictures wherever I go. It gives everyday life more sparkle and meaning to have it frozen in time by a photo.
A brief blogging note: I’ll be posting more regularly now on Tuesdays and Fridays. Be on the look-out for my next post this Friday. Enjoy the rest of your week, wherever you are!