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The freedom that comes.

I find that whenever I get to go home early from work (around 1 or 2 pm), I become so excited now. Just knowing that I have the rest of the day to myself makes me ten times happier….probably because it seems that lately I really lack a lot of time to myself. No real free time–the past two weeks or so I feel like all I do is work all day, come home, cook dinner, shower, and then go to bed. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. I have been putting off a lot of things lately because of such a rushed routine.

I realize that probably once I find a real 9-5 job that things won’t be much different than they are right now. Granted, if I find myself working at an office again, I won’t be using as much physical muscle then. I’ll be using more of my intellect, which I guess will be a needed change.