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Shot at Love Season Finale

Sigh. So, “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila” is over, and I am a little disappointed in the outcome. Tila chose Bobby in the end, leaving Dani heartbroken and such. It made me kind of angry, but oh well. I thought Dani took it all well in some ways, even though I could tell she was very hurt by the decision. Still, at least there wasn’t any drama or bitter feelings (blatantly) shown.

I guess in the end, though, it was probably best that Dani didn’t end up with Tila. Not to downplay reality TV couples or celebrity couples, but a lot of times, these relationships do not work out perfectly, especially when people are very nosy about the relationship. Unless Tila and Bobby are smart about keeping their relationship details private, I don’t see them staying together for too long. If they do stay together, well, more power to them, but I really don’t see that happening. Maybe Tila will get tired of Bobby, or vice versa. If the relationship goes bad, would they still be able to stay friends? Who knows.

This is the reason why I hate getting wrapped up in shows. I get so worked up over the little details that I tend to forget that I have my own life to worry about.