Sex and the City

I have heard a lot of good things about this series for awhile now. Throughout college I really did not watch much television at all–it just wasn’t something I thought about amidst studying and spending time with friends. Anyway, people continued to recommend the series to me–my older sister, my friends, etc. Finally I decided “Well I guess the series probably is worth watching….” so I decided I would buy the series.

I didn’t want just each individual season one by one–I wanted to own the complete series all at once. I’m just that way when it comes to watching series of any type–I want it all at once or none at all, because I would end up forgetting about the series if I didn’t get to finish the series in a timely manner.

So my older sister bought the Sex and the City complete collectors’ series for me for my birthday. I have yet to start watching the DVDs since this past week has been kind of hectic for me–but I hope to crack open and watch it all soon. Gotta see what the hype has been all about.