My San Francisco Chronicles weather

Every other day weather.

Weather is a rather boring topic, but it’s something we notice daily anyway. This week’s weather in San Francisco has been rather amusing. Monday, it was nice and sunny with a breeze in the air. Tuesday, there was rain and gloom. Wednesday seemed just as nice and sunny as Monday was. Thursday was rainy, windy, cold. And now today, Friday, it is partly cloudy but the skies look happy. No sight of rain today!

I think this is the first time I have noticed the weather to do this. Last week the weather was pretty consistent with staying gloomy and rainy. The week before was very consistent with sunny yet cold days.

Most people have the misconception that it is always sunny and warm in all of California. I guess they don’t realize that there’s a rainy season here, too. I have heard some native San Franciscans say that it’s rather usual for the city to have downpours during this time of the year, but apparently in the past few years there have been rather dry winters. Hmm. It’s interesting–I find I have pretty much become acclimated to the weather/temperature here, and now the definition of “cold” here to me is 40-50 degrees. Meanwhile, I know I have experienced much colder temperatures, but I feel like I have forgotten how that feels like now.

Anyway, sorry for a lacklustre Friday post. Have fallen behind on current events lately, so I shall need to catch up over the weekend.