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Re-surfacing Update

My parents & I (and our shadows)

Man oh man.

If you had a chance to tune into my podcast from this past Wednesday, you’ll already get a hint of what all I’ve been through in the past two weeks or so.

Mainly, this past week has been all unpacking/cleaning/organizing/etc. My parents and sister left Denver on Tuesday and….I’ve basically been doing the same thing since (cleaning & organizing), with the occasional walk around the vicinity to check out shops/run errands.

Around two weeks ago, when I arrived in Montana, I received two review offers from Twitter friends: one to review a new book and the other, to review a new album.

I do truly appreciate offers like these, because I do enjoy giving my honest (yet kind) opinion about music, books, etc. (Hint hint: if you want me to review something you’ve made/written/etc., let me know!)

So far, am enjoying the tranquility of having the apartment to myself. I enjoy the plentiful sunshine, the clean air, and lots of trees! Not just trees that are artificially put in or plants that are stranded in a concrete island (like in some other cities I’ve been to). Granted, where I’m residing in Denver, it is more suburban than the downtown area. So I can’t say too much about the more hustle-bustle parts of the city yet!

Will try to stay on top of updates throughout this first quarter; see how the pace of all the schoolwork works with me!