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Re-entry into the American lifestyle–

What better way to “get back into the groove” of American life than to go eat breakfast at IHOP?

Yes, I went to eat breakfast at IHOP today:

1) I was craving it when I woke up
2) I have no food in my apartment at the moment due to my month-long vacation away from the apartment
3) IHOP is just one block away from my apartment.

This was the first time I was able to venture outside since I arrived back in San Francisco on Wednesday. It felt strange to enter into a restaurant and not have someone say to me “Welcome!” in Japanese. The service was faster, the people were still polite, but ah-ha–today I finally had to leave a tip (in Japan, it’s not part of their custom to leave tips). Well, the meal was good, all-American: stuffed French toast, sausage, eggs, hash browns.

Yes, I’m back in America, and today I finally can feel it from this experience.