Slice of Life

Ideas & Execution: Great Minds.

Maybe your idea is not ready to be launched today. But perhaps in a few weeks/months?
Maybe your idea is not ready to be launched today. But perhaps in a few weeks/months?

I’ve had quite an eventful week … as usual.

Today I spoke with two dear friends/colleagues and I found myself so intrigued by how our brains are so similarly wired: ideas. IDEAS. IDEAS! Ideas were flowing like honey during our conversations and….I kept thinking, “Come on! We gotta EXECUTE on these ideas!”

And that seems to be the hardest part to move towards–execution. Analysis Paralysis sets in as we simmer on our ideas and just..don’t…make…a move.

It happens to the best of us, the worst of us. Throughout the morning and afternoon, I pondered upon this thought and wondered why, with such brilliant minds around me, we oftentimes get stuck in the idea phase.

The three of us, and I’m sure many others, are like this: we have a ton of ideas. We want to get them all going but…but! Which one to start with? Which one sounds most feasible?

I had trouble with getting TAOpivot conceptualized. I worked hard with my friend Young B. Kim, aka Ideavist, for a few months before we finally popped the rock out and got TAOpivot. It was an amazing moment…so a-ha!

But, as you can see from the previous paragraph, it took a few months for that idea to get shined down into something concrete. Dealing with all that mush in my mind was tough–I thought we’d never hatch something out of our discussions.

But, we did. And I’m confident that my friends Ian Harwick and Brandon Waloff will also get their ideas up and running soon enough. We all have to hit a wall sometime; but, we’ll eventually break through that wall and feel that a-ha moment.