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Guys picking up chicks on the bus?

So, this morning there was a young woman on the bus who did not seem to want to sit down when there were available seats all over the bus. She was standing in front of the guy sitting next to me, and I guess he found her attractive, so he struck a conversation with her.

I was eavesdropping the whole time; she did not seem to mind the attention, but I could tell she was also cautious enough to keep a distance. The guy seemed to be genuinely interested, asking her a few personal “small-talk” questions (“What is your job?” “How long of a bus-ride?” et. al.).

Finally, he asked her if she lived with roommates or by herself, and she said, “Oh, I live with my boyfriend.” At that, I could see the interest drop immediately as the guy seemed to stumble over his words. “Oh, uh, oh! That’s nice, how long have you guys been t-t-together?”

Poor guy. Nice try.