Slice of Life

Gratitude Pouring In…

I can’t believe that November is nearly over and that 2016 is around the corner–I know, SO cliche to say, but it’s so true! 2015 has flown by way too fast: many, many ups and several downs throughout the year.

This month has seen both good and bad times, but I’d like to take pause today to say thanks for all that has happened.

Met up with my Spotlight podcast co-host, Jay, while I was in NYC. Just as funny in person as he is online!
Met up with my Spotlight podcast co-host, Jay, while I was in NYC. Just as funny in person as he is online!

A couple weeks ago, I went to New York City for the second time this year. I primarily went to visit family, but I also got the chance to meet with some friends, both old and new. However, it was such a quick trip that I didn’t really get much of a chance to relax! I got back last Monday and feel like even today, I am still ‘catching up’ on work and sleep.

Later tonight, I will be heading up to Fort Collins to celebrate Thanksgiving with my oldest sister and her family: we’ll be with my brother-in-law’s side of the family for the next few days. Weather is supposed to get worse as this day wears on, but hopefully we’ll all have a nice holiday.

Last night, my business coach, Kelly Lynn Adams, sent out an email with a list of 30 things she is grateful for. I’ll end this post with my own list (no real particular order, of course):

  1. God
  2. My very large immediate family all over the country
  3. My very large extended family on both sides all over the U.S. and China
  4. Ryan 🙂 🙂 🙂
  5. Ryan’s family
  6. Passionate Life Church, the wonderful church that Ryan and I have been attending together since July 2014
  7. My health
  8. My cats #crazycatlady
  9. All of the homes I have lived in throughout my life in Virginia, California, and Colorado
  10. My entrepreneurial spirit, most likely ‘inherited’ from my parents
  11. My coach, Kelly Lynn Adams
  12. Friends, both ‘old’ and ‘new’
  13. Social media
  14. Delicious food around the world 😉 #foodie
  15. My leads group at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
  16. Lifelong learning
  17. Technology
  18. Books
  19. Smiles
  20. Hugs
  21. The sun
  22. My life in Colorado
  23. Those who may be cruel to me, but they only make me stronger.
  24. My heritage
  25. My father’s decision to leave China and create a better life for all of us
  26. My business colleagues
  27. Airplanes and the ability to travel
  28. My love for writing
  29. Crafts
  30. Kindness from others

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!