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FRS Peach Mango

Bought a can of FRS Peach Mango in San Mateo and tried it out. For about a month or so, I had been curious about this since my Hungry Girl newsletters harped a lot about FRS being a healthy energy drink. They are still offering free trials of their products, but I have been hesitant to sign up for them since apparently they begin to charge your credit card after the trial period is over.

Anyway, I tried the FRS drink out, and it was decent–I forgot to shake it up, so that might have altered the taste a little. Not too strong, not too bland–seemed to hit the spot, at least for the moment. I couldn’t really tell if it really made me feel more energized or not, though. I did go out and walk for an hour after I had the drink, just so I would spend some of that energy for something good.

Only 25 calories and they seem to feature a lot of healthy benefits and different flavors. I wouldn’t mind trying out this beverage again in the future.