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Difference between soliciting and not soliciting.

I don’t really get it, still–what’s the difference between the two?

Apparently, “soliciting” is when an individual is voluntarily seeking money or other valuables from another person through….legal means? If you are trying to sell something to someone, but are not asking for the money up front, that isn’t soliciting. Or is it? Soliciting apparently applies only when you ask for money up front….(when it comes to selling items door-to-door)

I don’t really understand it, but I guess I need to start to understand some of it sooner than later. I haven’t been able to react well so far when people tell me “no soliciting”….because I really don’t understand the meaning in itself. Why are people so consumed with their own lives that they forget that sometimes there are others who have to go around and do the dirty work anyway, i.e., do door-to-door sales? Someone has to do it–someone, not something. Aren’t we all human beings in the end anyway?