Japanese music music

Deterioration of Quality in Music.

I’ve been noticing this more and more lately–music has all gone downhill. Not just American music, but even Japanese music. I grew up listening to whatever hits were on the radio; then I “rebelled” against mainstream music during my early teenage years by listening to American oldies. Then, I transitioned over to Japanese pop and rock in my late teenage years since I grew bored of the American scene. Discovering new artists here and there was what kept me enthusiastic about the Japanese music scene.

Nearly six years later, though, I am beginning to feel jaded by that scene as well. I continue to stay open-minded to new acts coming out in Japan, but I feel disappointed with most of them. None of them stand out to me: the same overhashed melodies, cutesy lyrics, predictable everything. A slew of new debuts have come out through the various music companies, and none of them seem to have much potential. Where’s the differentiation? Where’s the variety?

I can’t even name the new artists I have listened to because, frankly, none of them have stuck out in my mind. Maybe the scene has been like this for awhile now and I am just realizing it. I can’t decide where to go next–been kind of sticking with well-known artists, but I also want to branch out into other countries’ music.