My Health & Fitness reflection

Daily Post Day 49: When Running Becomes Freedom

I used to think I would never be able to run long distances. Years of humiliation, huffing and puffing through the annual mile run in physical education class…I was almost always the last student to complete the mile. Shame coated my mind.

Back in September, I laced up my new pair of pink sneakers and decided it was time for me to take up running (after experimenting with different workout programs over the course of my fitness kick).

I held my iPhone in one hand and my water bottle, keys, and ID in the other. Listening to my app’s voice coach, I walked along Sunset Boulevard to warm up. Cars passed by and the breeze swept through my clothes. Fresh, crisp air mixed in with gasoline fumes.

I fell into a trance along the path when suddenly the voice coach yelled “Start your running!” Huff, puff…I found my PE days flashing through my mind and then I found myself flying away from those painful memories.

For the first time in my life, I realized that running liberated me and gave me life. And ever since that autumn day, I have enjoyed running like I was born to do so. Hey, even a personal trainer here in New York said I’m a “natural runner” with my stance and all. Encouraging!

When spring rolls around, can’t wait to take my running back outdoors and off the treadmill. I love basking in nature and feeling the wind against me as I run to my freedom.