Life Decisions

Daily Post Day 30: Technology I Can’t Live Without

I can’t decide what I can’t live without when it comes to technology.

  1. iPhone – I want to say I can live without this darned thing, but since it does so much for me (and I love the camera especially), I would be a bit sad without it. Of course, I could do without a lot of the apps I have on my phone…if I only had the camera, text messaging, and phone calls, I’d be content. The apps are what drive me crazy.
  2. iPod Nano – Yes, I have an iPod Nano as well. If I had to choose between iPhone and iPod, I’d stay with iPod for its sole purpose of music, music, music. If I were on a deserted island, the iPod would be my best friend. But, I would need a charger. Without music, I would be numb.