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Daily Post Day 21: Sound of Laughter

(I know, the picture doesn’t match the topic of this post)

Interesting topic for today:

Describe what your laugh sounds like. Who in your family is your laugh most similiar to, and most different from?

My laugh can go from girly-giggly to boisterous. I notice that my laugh varies depending on who I’m with; the people I’m closest/most comfortable speaking with, I laugh loudly, hysterically. With acquaintances, I hold myself back a little more and just lightly laugh/giggle.

In my family, we all have various laughs (just like we all have various sneezing styles, haha). I suppose I am most like my mom in my laughter: shy with others but with loved ones, anything goes. I love the way my mom laughs because it makes me smile.

So, how does your laugh sound like?