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FAQs at the Carts.

Frequently Asked Questions (depends on location of the hot dog cart):

– “Where is Union Square?”

– “Where do I catch the ‘Hop on, Hop off’ tour bus?”

– “Where is the Apple Store?”

– “Can you give me change in quarters?”

– “Where is the Hilton Hotel?”

– “Where is Market Street?”

– “Where do I catch the cable car?”

– “Where is O’Farrell Street?”

As you can see, none of these questions pertain to the cart itself. Since when did the hot dog carts become information booths?

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I’m pushing a heavy cart…yes, I am busy.

I am amazed at how oblivious people can be towards others. Not once, but twice (possibly three times!) I have had people ask me for information/directions to stores while I am pushing along the heavy hot dog cart. I just can’t believe people think I have the time to stop and tell them where they should go! My co-workers tell me that I should not feel obliged to give directions since the other people are just being plain rude for not noticing the obvious.

Oh yes, I can tell you information while I push this heavy cart. Oh no, obviously I am not busy at all! That’s why I am pushing this cart.

Next time I should just tell people to help push the cart if they want to ask me or my co-workers for information. We are not an information booth, and we are not so kind to give away so much information freely.

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Today I received an amusing reply to my usual question at the hot dog stand when people order a hot dog–“Would you like sauerkraut on that?”

I asked a tall, stocky guy this question, and his response was:

“Oh, no. I’m German; I don’t want to be found out.”