Hot Dog Days jobs observation rant tourists

I’m pushing a heavy cart…yes, I am busy.

I am amazed at how oblivious people can be towards others. Not once, but twice (possibly three times!) I have had people ask me for information/directions to stores while I am pushing along the heavy hot dog cart. I just can’t believe people think I have the time to stop and tell them where they should go! My co-workers tell me that I should not feel obliged to give directions since the other people are just being plain rude for not noticing the obvious.

Oh yes, I can tell you information while I push this heavy cart. Oh no, obviously I am not busy at all! That’s why I am pushing this cart.

Next time I should just tell people to help push the cart if they want to ask me or my co-workers for information. We are not an information booth, and we are not so kind to give away so much information freely.