drink stores tea time

Another gem: a store of tea!

No thanks to my friend here in San Francisco, I find myself becoming obsessed with tea more and more. Today I tagged along with her to go to the Lupicia store in the mall downtown. When we first walked in, we were offered free samples of some iced teas they had. Delicious, just the right amount of flavor. Then, we proceeded to peruse through the store. My friend was trying to find a gift for her friends, so I just poked around and browsed the small store.

There were different displays for featured teas; I found the “Matcha” display with some information on the tea ceremony in Japan and different products featured. Apparently, if a customer purchased at least $10 worth of the green tea products, a free tea whisk was included in the order! I couldn’t pass this offer, so I bought three bags of green tea powder (in small packets, even!) and got my free tea whisk. I also went ahead and bought some tea bags of the “Sakuranbo”/Cherry flavored teas. Yum, yum.

I never thought I could feel so excited about tea before…

friends tea time


Had a makeshift “tea-time” with my friend on this day; I finally bought a spare mug so we could have tea together. She brought over some crackers, salami, and cheese as our hors d’oeuvres.

I found it fun to just relax in the evening and chat about various topics over green tea and small food servings. I feel like such an activity rarely happens these days–people are so much in a rush that they tend to forget to save time for tea, coffee, etc., and just relax for a little bit. Take a breather, enjoy the scenery.

I forget how long we chatted for, but we talked for quite awhile about many things, including our jobs/careers, past relationships, etc. It was relaxing, and it was relieving. I hope for more tea-time in the future.