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Daily Post Day 2 & OWOP Update


I don’t particularly like the prompt for Daily Post Day 2. But as they state on the blog, the prompts are entirely optional.

It’s not that I don’t have someone in mind who needs more credit, but there are many names that run through my head when I think about “who needs more credit”.

At this time I would prefer not to name these people because this is more personal than I would feel comfortable stating on the Internet.

So there you have it, my response.

In other news–One Word, One Picture (OWOP) is starting out swell! Have had two participants come onboard, which may not sound like much to others, but it’s exciting for me. Also, Posterous makes it much easier to have others post with me on the same blog. I’ll need to figure out if I should keep each individual post as-is or consolidate each day’s pictures/words into one daily post. For now, I will just let the posts be. When more participants join on board, consolidated posts may be necessary (so not to flood RSS feeds/Twitter/inboxes), but right now I’m comfortable with the format.

One last thing: I am so grateful for the writing friends I have met in San Francisco. One friend has announced she will do JanNoWriMo, which is perfectly fine with me as that will motivate me to get back to working on my novels-in-progress. It’s always great to have a support network, especially in person when possible. Time for more write-ins when I return to the Bay on Wednesday!

(P.S., if you missed my tweet/Facebook blast re: my short story on Scribd, here’s the link: The Million-Dollar Rupee )

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Updated Website Layout & New Short Abstract

I’ve been hit with a bout of inspiration today (or maybe this has been long coming all month). After working on the nitty-gritty “required” writing of the day, i.e., graduate school applications, I went ahead and started writing a short abstract titled “Raw Opening”. After tweaking this a little, I posted it on my Scribd account and finally decided, “Well, hey, time to upload my new website layout.”

So, after several months of not updating my website: Official Website

It’s a little more simple than last time; can’t go wrong with black & white. I keep thinking that I really need to update my skills in Photoshop and XHTML; my “About” page was giving me trouble in the updating process. It looks a little strange, but, for the time being, it’ll have to do.

The background behind the abstract: really, it all started off from a small Facebook status update while I was taking a break from my applications. The “raw” part comes from two origins:

1) The fact that I wrote this point-blank, with no real edits or anybody else viewing the writing beforehand; and

2) The protagonist’s own raw emotions, slowly exposing themselves over the course of the short piece.

Thoughts? Any constructive criticism and/or praise is welcome as always.

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Winter Box of Memory Uploaded.

It seems to take me some time to get through revisions for my short stories; tonight I got around to uploading another story to my website and to Scribd. This one is titled “Winter Box of Memory,” and, as you can tell from the title, it has a winter/holiday theme to it since I wrote it in mid-December.

You can view the story either via Scribd (must have iPaper software/application installed) or download it as a PDF from my website. As always, feedback is appreciated at my Comments blog post.

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Moving Forward on Novels & More

Happy Valentine’s Day; what are your plans for the day?

This past week has been another busy one, but I’m happy to say that I’m still making strides in my writing. Just this morning, I reached 10,000 words on Novel 4, which is pretty good for writing this outside of NaNoWriMo. I also finished shuffling my plot in the original manuscript for Novel 1 and completed some character worksheets. The next step is to write character sketches/background stories for the main characters; then, it’s time to rewrite.

It seems that I continue to receive more hits on Scribd for my short story, “Riches to Rags,” which is very great publicity. Stay tuned for more updates over the course of the next few days.

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Featured on Scribd

Well, a pleasant surprise to the start of my Sunday: I usually check my email in the mornings, and today I was greeted with a notification email from Scribd. The email said that four people had indicated that they Liked my short story, “Riches to Rags”; I checked up on my post at the website and saw that somehow my story ended up having 300+ views in the past day. Surprising, until I noticed that the post had been awarded as Featured on the Scribd homepage. Nice, very nice.

So, check out the feature, read it, and if you like it, please let me know. Post some comments as well, let me know what you really think about the story. There’s always room for more improvement.