goals NaNoWriMo

A New Month, New Goals

I was unable to meet the deadlines for a few contests and literary magazines last month. Oh well, try again next time. However, I have discovered a few others that I am sure to enter these next two months. More time now due to less travels.

Did some goal setting yesterday. Realized a few things about myself that I was afraid of addressing before. It helps to address my values and really think hard about concrete goals. I was using lululemon’s Goal Tender website and it talked about long-term goals (10 years in advance) as well. It was frightening for me to think that far in advance, but I suppose I should prepare nonetheless. The future comes rather quickly anyway.

So far, September has been off to a healthy, fit start. I hope to have more walks and gym time this month. The summertime was rather erratic with scheduling time for friends and walks since I was working on classes all summer. My priorities must shift now since there aren’t any classes to fret about.

Also, NaNoWriMo is less than two months away now. This year I will participate again and I will make it a point to complete my draft. I still have two unfinished novel drafts to work on; 2009 was a good year for writing, but spurts of time messed up the rhythm. This year I’ve focused more on short stories, which is probably a good thing for me so I’m at least writing and not stuck.