#30PostsBefore30 Day 8: People Will Come And Go.

People come and go in life just like the seasons.
People come and go in life just like the seasons.

Ever since I entered grade school, I have had friends from all walks of life. Some of those friends I’ve lost touch with ages ago; some I still keep in touch with. There have been some “falling out” with a few old friends, but most of them, we just lost touch.

From time to time, I’ll think about old friends and wonder how their lives are these days. I used to have a hard time letting go of old friendships: I used to wonder how and why we had lost touch, and why we couldn’t be friends any longer. I used to send out many emails/messages to these old friends to try to reconnect but to no avail.

These days, I understand and accept this: people really do come and go in life. Some people stay in my life for a long time while others are only there for even just a day. I may strike up a conversation with a complete stranger one day and they’ll have inspired me for that time period; however, I may never run into them again. And that’s ok.

There are only at most about a handful of friends I’ve known for over ten years, and even then, sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever lose touch despite the longevity of our friendships. But when we reunite, I see that we usually pick up right where we left off, as if time and distance hadn’t really occurred.

How many of my current friends will I still be in touch with ten years from now? It’s  hard to say; just have to keep swimming along with life’s current, though.