#30PostsBefore30 Day 17: Only I Know How to Run My Own Life

My first business, TAOpivot.
My first business, TAOpivot.

Today I attended my first Bible study in quite awhile and we studied Psalms 108 during our meet up. When the group discussed the passage, one thought stuck out to me: “Others’ opinions about me is none of my business.”

This got me thinking about some recent things happening, such as someone remarking about my financial instability over the years due to my entrepreneurial dreams; meanwhile, this person has had trouble keeping a job. There are other examples of others pointing out my “wrongs” that I have made in my life over the years, while frankly, the ones making the remarks don’t exactly have stellar lives either. We all know or have encountered people like this.

My point is this: stop the criticism of others and examine your own life. Why are you doling out advice if you yourself don’t have it all together? I understand that many of us want to feel like we’re helping, but that’s a fine line to walk upon.

None of us have the exact same paths in life: what works for one person might not work for another. Just because I am entrepreneurial and working on my third business does not mean that I fail as a “regular 9-to-5” person. It’s just not my path in life. Respect that as I respect those who admit they themselves cannot venture out on their own and start up a business.

Only I know how to run my own life, and God has a special plan for me and for every other individual out there. Don’t think you know better than I do about what to do with MY life. Do I know what’s best for YOUR life? Probably not, and you’d probably be resentful if I tried to give you life advice on things I know nothing about.

Now, this post isn’t to say that I won’t take or give advice anymore; just when people start to give unsolicited advice about what they think is best for me.